DT Liability

DUBROVNIK TRAVEL shall act as agent only on behalf of the CLIENT in making any and all arrangements under this Agreement. Therefore, DT, its employees, representatives or all other parties, agents or organizations collaborating with DT shall in no way be liable for any delay, accident, personal injury, illness, strike-action, deviation, curtailment, loss of/or damage to luggage or other personal property, unless such event is caused by intent or gross negligence of DT, or one of its employees or representatives.

In the event of the occurrence of any major political event, unforeseen government action or Force Majeure (such as e.g. Flooding, Fire, War, Civil Commotion or Disturbance, Riots, Acts or Threats of Terrorism, Break-down of public services or Amenities) at the place where the Program is to be handled, which may affect the safety of the participants or may prevent the program from taking place, DT reserves the right to cancel any or all services under this Agreement. In such a case DT will endeavor to offer alternative arrangements or will refund to the CLIENT all recoverable monies after deducting necessary costs, reimbursements, payments or charges.

The CLIENT will ensure that any special decorations or technical materials and equipment not supplied by DT, or its appointed supplier, meet all local and national safety requirements and are properly and fully covered by the CLIENT’S insurance policy. The CLIENT will submit in writing all details of the above mentioned materials for DT’s approval. DT will not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from none compliance with requested conditions, and in such a case the CLIENT accepts full responsible.

The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that participants’ travel documents are in order and comply with all local requirements (passports, visas, etc.). The CLIENT will insure itself against injury, lost luggage and other. DT cannot be held liable for the traveler’s failure to comply with those formalities or insurances.

The CLIENT will be held responsible for any damages caused by the gross negligence of and/or willful misconduct by the participants and /or staff to property in the destination (including, but not limited to: jeeps, boats, scooters, cars, buses, rooms, furniture, restaurant/sport equipment, arts and decorations, any technical equipment provided by DT or any third party). When self-driving is conducted in the destination, a credit card guarantee will be requested from the CLIENT or from each participant individually.

The CLIENT is responsible for monitoring participants’ alcohol consumption. DT reserves the right to deny intoxicated participants access to planned activities. DT is not to be held liable for damages by or injury to intoxicated participants.

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